Consulting Service

Create your network, secure it, maintain it or plan a profound evolution? We have men and tools.
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Business Telephony

Our vast experience in information and communications technologies allows us to be constantly on the lookout for new solutions in strategic planning.
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Hosted Telephony

A solution that minimizes the financial impact of implementing an advanced telephony solution.
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Hybrid Telephony (IP)

Share information anytime, from anywhere and on any device. A simple, efficient, flexible and scalable solution designed for SMEs.
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VoIP Service

The VoIP line service offered by VOCALYS is exclusively reserved for our present or future customers who own an Avaya IP Office telephone platform.
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Virtual Automatic Response (VAR)

Compared to traditional telephony, this automatic call distribution service is primarily aimed at the self-employed and small businesses, mainly using mobile telephony.
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Case studies

Audi Lauzon shifts into high gear with new world-class telephony solution.

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Vocalys offers you all these telephony services to ensure the best support for your company.